Prenatal Care

Prenatal care focuses on the importance of a healthy physical lifestyle and emotional well being in pregnancy. This is done through a series of prenatal visits that are monthly in the first and second trimesters. Starting at 28 weeks, Christy sees you for a prenatal visit every two weeks until 36 weeks. At 36 weeks, a home visit or a birth center visit is done to get everyone that will be at the birth familiar with the environment. At this visit, we make sure all birth supplies are set, childcare arrangements are in order, and any finalizing of birth plans are covered. We also go over the signs of labor and when to call Christy. After 36 weeks, prenatal visits are once a week.

The midwife's job is to understand normal pregnancies and to recognize when something is deviating from normal. At each prenatal visit, the mother's blood pressure is monitored and she is checked for edema (swelling). The mother's fundal height and growth of the baby is measured, along with palpating the position of the baby. Urinalysis, weight and fetal heart rate are also charted. Iron levels are checked periodically to keep mom and baby in the best health possible. Along with the clinical aspects of pregnancy, each visit includes time for going over a list of topics. This list covers a wide range of subjects that supports the expecting family in preparing for the birth and care of their newborn.