Labor Support in Hospital as a Doula

Christy is available to provide labor support and postpartum care for families who choose or need to have a hospital birth. This care can be provided from the start of the pregnancy for a family planning a hospital birth. Christy also provides continuous labor support for families who have to transfer care to the hospital setting before or during labor.

There is the potential for any birth to transfer care to the medical setting. It is recommended that a woman see a hospital-based Nurse Midwife, a Family Practice Physician or an OB for some prenatal care. This relationship will then be in place to facilitate a smooth transfer of care if necessary. The majority of hospital transfers are non-emergent.

Christy will be there to advocate the family's wishes and do her best to ensure a supportive environment for the labor and birth. She stays with mom and baby until the initial breastfeeding is established.