Benefits of a Natural Birth

Everyone wants the best outcome. A healthy mom and baby nursing and bonding together after all their hard work is the best outcome anyone could wish for. There are many different ways to obtain this outcome and each mother has to choose what she is comfortable with. Many women are not comfortable giving birth in their homes and many are not comfortable in the hospital. One has to make informed decisions about what is best for them.

There are benefits for babies who are born with no drugs. Most of these babies are born totally alert and ready to bond. The body is designed perfectly. All of the chemicals and hormones that are needed for birth are found within the mother already. Trusting the natural way is allowing for the birth to happen on the schedule of nature.

Many women want to feel and experience their birth as it is without any alterations. Drugs alter and change things. Many of the changes we are uncertain of how it may affect the child. We know that the rhythmic contractions given in the timing and proper strength guided by the birthing mother prepares the child for life out of the womb. The muscles and organs are squeezed by the mother. The head is turned and compressed by her pelvis and contractions working together. The hormones she is releasing are being absorbed by her child. These hormones initiate the deep love bond between the mother and child.

The newborn needs the mother in so many ways after birth. Protection, support, warmth, love, and milk are all needed right away. There is no need to be filled by weighing or measuring and these things can be determined in good time. In a homebirth setting, nursing and bonding are always allowed to happen first, before doing a head to toe assessment of baby, including weight and other measurements. When a baby comes through that difficult journey of birth the mother's love is what is needed to develop a strong sense of safety and belonging in the world. These first experiences will shape the child for their life time.

The mother seeking a natural birth feels the power in knowing that she has given her child the best possible outcome for a happy life.