What is my midwife's availability?

Your midwife is "on call" for you 24/7 through your pregnancy and 6 week postpartum period. This is a huge commitment! Midwives are dedicated to their birthing families. They want to see their moms and babies thriving! This gives a true sense of community. The timing of birth is unpredictable. It rarely happens that your midwife is not available, but your midwife should have a back-up midwife on call for her. Christy Feiker's back-up is Deb Studey, who is also a Wisconsin licensed midwife. Deb and Christy work very well together and have attended many births as a team.

The benefits of having a midwife: The relationship that you develop with your midwife is extensive and it encourages a sense of trust. This person will be with you throughout your labor, birth and early postpartum. She has spent many hours with you prior to labor and knows your desires for this birth. She cares that you get the experience that you want from this birth. She is a familiar person in the midst of the intensity of birth. Your children may know her and feel comforted by her presence, rather than unsure of a stranger during this intimate time.