Common Questions

What is the main difference between a natural hospital birth and a natural home birth?

To give birth naturally is to be as undisturbed as possible. One's own home can be the most comfortable and peaceful place to create the environment you desire, and when the baby is born there is nowhere to go and nothing that needs to be done except being with your child. The family and those you ask to be present can honor and take in the moment with a pure focus. There are no strangers. The midwife you have developed a relationship over the past months will be there for you. She will be anticipating the event and staying close to you in her mind, so she will be ready when the time comes.

Many people find the support they are looking for in a hospital setting. Regardless of how great the doctor and staff may be the hospital always has an agenda and schedule that the home does not. There are many shift changes and also many births happening in the same area. To give birth in the hospital can mean more people and more distractions. There are procedures and paperwork that also create distractions. One way to give a birthing woman the feeling of continuity of care is by having a doula in the hospital. This is someone that she has connected with before the labor and this person is with her throughout the entire labor, birth and immediate postpartum. The doula can be a huge amount of stability in the midst of a potentially disorienting hospital experience.