"We hired Christy for the birth of our 5th baby ~ she was so calm and collected during my quick labor, which involved a couple of tense moments. During our prenatal appointments she got my 2 year old very involved with measuring and checking the heartbeat. She spent a lot of time making sure all my kids were involved in some way or another. When I went into labor she remembered that my son was to be woken up for the birth of his baby brother ~ this was very important to him and I am so grateful that she reminded us! She even helped my 10 year old son cut the umbilical cord.

Christy was a wonderful midwife to work with."

-Andy & Dana Hall

"Jeremy and I thought we were doomed to deliver our child in a hospital with an OB that didn't really care about what we wanted. We had switched doctors three times already, and more than halfway through our first pregnancy, we were considering switching again because our birth plan had just become a joke to yet another OB. In our quest to find the right doctor and hospital, we stumbled upon the Well-Rounded Maternity Center in Menomonee Falls. The birthing center gave us a list of midwives, and Christy was one of the midwives we called. When we met with Christy, all of our fears and doubts about having natural childbirth melted away. Not only did she work together with us and share our birth plan goals, but within a matter of weeks, I felt like I had a dear friend that understood every part of my pregnancy. Our confidence in Christy and her skills in midwifery are so great that when we became pregnant with our second child, there was no question as to who we wanted by our side. Her manner at the birth itself was calm, collected, and relaxed. She is always thorough with her work and straight-forward when answering questions. Christy's knowledge and understanding of pregnancy and birth never cease to amaze us! She obviously takes great joy in her work, and continues to show care toward our family. We love you Christy!!!"

-Johnson Family

"We are truly blessed to have found you and are extremely grateful for your authenticity and care."

-The Stugard Family